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Tech specs

We use quality server solutions from Supermicro, incorporating RAID-10 enterprise SSD storage.


London, UK

BitFolk's servers are located in Telehouse North, in London's Docklands area – one of the UK's premier datacentres and considered to be the country's main hub of the Internet. These are personally maintained on-site.

Our servers have gigabit connectivity provided by Jump Networks. Jump operates a redundant Cisco-based network with gigabit and ten gigabit connections, including private peering, public peering at LINX, and transit from NTT and Telia.

Native IPv6 connectivity is supplied by default.


Our virtual machines run under the Xen virtual machine monitor. Xen is a technology which lets an x86 machine run multiple other virtual x86 machines ("domains") with close-to-native performance. This effectively allows us to provision multiple complete x86 servers running from each real server.


Our servers are closely monitored to ensure they are not overloaded. We never knowingly oversell our services, and when changing load patterns result in short-term overloading we rebalance as necessary. Check out the CPU loading of some of our servers:

elephant - Xen CPU Usage

hen - Xen CPU Usage

hobgoblin - Xen CPU Usage

jack - Xen CPU Usage

leffe - Xen CPU Usage

macallan - Xen CPU Usage

paradox - Xen CPU Usage

snaps - Xen CPU Usage

talisker - Xen CPU Usage


Using only enterprise SSDs for storage means that IO performance is great too. Here's the average completion time for IO on some of our servers:

hen - Average block IO completion time

hobgoblin - Average block IO completion time

jack - Average block IO completion time

leffe - Average block IO completion time

macallan - Average block IO completion time

paradox - Average block IO completion time

snaps - Average block IO completion time

Available Linux distributions

Currently available for use as VPS images:

Other distributions are possible, but may require some extra effort on your part. If you are capable of providing your own Xen-compatible filesystem image then this is also a possibility; customers have installed Fedora, Gentoo and Slackware this way, for example. Please contact support with your requirements.

Distro Toothpaste

Ever wondered what Linux distribution other BitFolk customers pick? Check out Distro Toothpaste!

Disclaimer: relies on customer self-reporting in the Panel. Customers often choose to report "Unknown" or forget to update it when they reinstall.

Shared resources

There are certain shared resources available in order to help ease load on your own VPS:

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